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The Food Council Committee for Good Government (FCCfGG) is NJFC’s Political Action Committee (PAC), which was formed to aid and promote the election of candidates for state offices who uphold the values and ideas of food retailers doing business in New Jersey. The FCCfGG is managed by a chairman and a treasurer, while a representative Board of Governors comprised of leaders in the retail food industry, is responsible for directing the Committee’s activities.

Since its formation, the FCCfGG has been instrumental in promoting good relations between elected officials, candidates for office, and the food industry. NJFC members are able to learn about the ideas and opinions of their leaders and candidates on a number of issues which may affect their businesses, as well as communicate their views on important issues to the candidates for public office.

Legislators, opinion makers and political leaders cannot evaluate the impact of every piece of legislation and regulation on the food industry unless we share with them our views and our unique knowledge and expertise on the issues. This kind of communication and political action helps to further the cause of “good government” and a strong free enterprise system.

Support the FCCfGG

For the Good Government Committee to be truly effective, member participation is needed. Without financial support to the FCCfGG, our industry loses its voice in the State House and throughout New Jersey. Funding for the FCCfGG is primarily derived from member contributions and ticket sales from the Good Government Annual Breakfast. The breakfast is attended by prominent political leaders of both parties and provides an opportunity for elected officials to interact and hear from the food industry.

FCCfGG is a voluntary, non-profit, unincorporated association registered with the State of New Jersey and is subject to New Jersey laws regulating campaign contribution limits. Corporate contributions to this Committee are permitted but are not tax deductible.

You can make a donation online by clicking here, or you can call our office for more information at 609-392-8899.

FCCfGG Endorsements

Every State election, FCCfGG conducts an extensive review of the candidates and prepares a list of endorsed candidates who have proven they stand with the industry on the majority of the issues we face. In 2015, 52 out of 56 General Assembly candidates endorsed by FCCfGG were elected to the State Legislature; a 92% success rate!

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